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Welcome to Oilfield Safety Anchor Service, your complete anchor service.

Guy line anchors are one of the most over looked safety hazards in the oil industry today. Several different types are and have been installed. There are anchors still in use today that were installed as far back as 30 to 40 years ago. Most of the older types do not meet current OSHA Safety Standards. And the age of some of the older anchors would make them a hazard due to corrosion.

What we offer in solving all Guy Line Hazards is a complete anchor services. At each location, we will locate all anchors and test each anchor to a desired testing pull. Test will be done with a certified testing unit. Each pull will be recorded on a pressure recorder chart which will be turned into your well file. After testing, we will mark location of the anchor and paint a marker. An anchor schematic will be posted on our web site with distance anchor to well and test information.

The next time you have the need for a pulling unit to rig up on this location, you will not have to worry about anchors. They will be easy to locate, cutting down on standby or down time for the pulling unit. In addition, you will have no safety hazard concerns about the quality of the anchors.

Installation of anchors on a new location or replacing old anchors will be done with one of the best anchors made today. We install a Helix type anchor. This anchor exceeds OSHA Safety Standard requirements since it has an overall strength of 70,000 lbs. The anchor is galvanized to protect against corrosion.

In certain areas or situations, a permanent anchor is not feasible. For example, well locations in the middle of farmland. Anchors left in the ground in these areas are subject to damage by the farm equipment and in some cases, the oil company is held liable for damaged farm equipment. Another example, the completion of an exploratory well. In some cases, you may not want to commit to a permanent set of anchors until the well is proven commercial. We offer a temporary anchor which is a Helix anchor. The anchor is installed and torque tested by our anchor installation units and removed when the job is complete.

Should you have any questions about our complete anchor testing and installation services please call our office at (661) 323- 4669